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Three Songs in the Top Fifteen!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In this issue:
Alise Marlane receives the 2011 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award
Galaxie Rising Stars, Songs From The Heart, and other things
And yet more on awards (of the future)
Latest funding deadlines
Members in motion
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Alise Marlane receives the 2011 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award

As you probably saw from yesterday's EXTRA! edition of e-news, the Ontario Arts Council has named Wakefield’s Alise Marlane the winner of the 2011 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award. Alise is a well-known and respected player in the Eastern Ontario-West Quebec area, and one who deserves to be known to a far wider audience.

Her winning song, “L’aurore boreale” was described by the awards jury as having an “original melody and beautiful poetry”, making it an “exceptional song.”

Colleen Peterson was a well loved member of the folk music community in Canada, as both a singer, a writer, and a member of bands from 3’s a Crowd to Quartette. In addition to her own music, Colleen spent time working with such legendary artists as Waylon Jennings, Willie P. Bennett, David Essig, Gordon Lightfoot, Roger Miller... A winner of two Juno awards, she recorded eight solo albums and was a regular visitor to Canadian country music record charts, Her untimely death from cancer in 1996 prompted the creation of this award. 

In a bit of synchronicity (and serendipity), a DVD of film shot at the 1976 Festival of Friends arrived at the OCFF office recently, and lo and behold, there's a wonderful snippet of Colleen Peterson that is on that DVD and on Youtube as well. If you weren't lucky enough to see Colleen Peterson live, here's one way of learning just why she deserves to be remembered with warmth, love and respect -- by watching her make music with a band of Canadian roots royalty beside her. 


Galaxie Rising Stars, Songs From The Heart, and other things

The Ontario Arts Council’s announcement today of the 2011 Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award is a good opportunity for us to remind you of two things: first, you can check out all of the Songs From The Heart recipients as well as Estelle Klein Award and Colleen Peterson recipients on our Awards page

And if you haven't yet had a chance to check out the 2011 Songs From The Heart recipients, here they are: 

Galaxie Rising Stars English

Brenley MacEachern & Lisa MacIsaac - "The Ransom"

Galaxie Rising Stars French

Yvan Vollé - “Solitude”


OCFF Subcategory Winners



Noah Aiken-Klar & Joshua Skye Engel - “Grow”


Glenn McFarlane - “Grope the Pope (The Throne Exam)”


Anne Lindsay & Tosh Weyman - “May Our Minds Meet (Namaste)” (listen here!)


Lenka Lichtenberg - “Peace Is The Only Way


Tom McInerney - “Bits and Pieces

And while we're reminding you of things, we'd like to do something a little bit new for OCFF. As you may know, candidates for the Peterson award are provided to the Ontario Arts Council by OCFF, from the roster of entries to our annual Songs From The Heart awards competition. 

We would like to acknowledge the good work of the 15 songs chosen from more than 200 to be shortlisted for the Colleen Peterson Songwriting Award. In addition to Alise Marlane's "L'aurore boréale," the list (in no particular order) includes: 

The Ways I Love You

Faye Blais 

At The Microphone

Rob Szabo & Peter Katz

Lay Your Fences Down

Roy Hickling

Bits and Pieces

Tom McInerney

Voices in the Well

Roy Hickling

A Simple Dream

Grant Tilly

Carry Me Home

Ali Matthews

Here's To You

Jeff Bien

Life Is Good

Brock Zeman

Different Points Along The Same Line

Rob Szabo

Jenny's Dream

Roy Hickling


Noah Aiken-Klar, Joshua Skye Engel

Near Midnight

MJ Cyr

Open For Business

Mike Ford



And yet more on awards (of the future)

Since we've celebrated award winners for 2011, let's talk 2012. 

The 2012 Songs From The Heart award will begin accepting entries shortly, with a deadline of June 1. Keep watching E-News for updates.  

The deadline for nominations for the 2012 Estelle Klein Award is May 21. Nomination forms are available on the OCFF web site

And the OCFF office is finalizing details for showcase selection process for the 2012 conference in Mississauga. The deadline for applications will be May 31, so keep your eyes on the web site and E-News for updates. 


Latest funding deadlines

Who wouldn't want some money? Nobody in the folk music salt mines, we bet. So make sure you get appropriate applications in on time: 

Ontario Arts Council

April 2: Arts Education Organizations, Community and Multidisciplinary Arts Organizations, Community Arts Councils, Distribution / Dissemination of the Arts (Franco-Ontarian), Presenter/Producer, Ontario-Quebec Artist Residencies, National and International Residency

May 1: Access and Career Development grants

Canada Council

April 1: The Flying Squad 
May 1: Production grants, New Music program  
June 1: Touring grants 


April 12: Business Development


Members in motion

Our members never really stop making great events and festivals. Some timely cases in point: 

The Ottawa International Writers Festival, a proud OCFF member, is ramping up for its spring season, April 26-May 5. They'll be announcing their full lineup soon. 

And the Northern Lights Festival Boréale holds its "March Meltdown" event to find local acts to feature on March 31, and hosts Chris McKhool for a family concert on April 29 as part of Earth Month celebrations. 

And Summerfolk's "Last Chance Saloon" takes place Saturday, March 24. 



Without our funders the OCFF could not continue to operate. We acknowledge them and appreciate their generous support. 



508-B Gladstone Avenue
Ottawa, ON K1R 5P1

 More information can be found here: http://ocff.ca/services/awards.html



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